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I am writing this letter with the intention to tell..
I am writing this letter with the intention to tell about my experience with Cav and at the same time to thank them wholeheartedly.  I am really grateful to all those people who stood by my side during one of the most difficult times of my life. People who supported me and that turned out to be with time true friends. Never could I imagine that this would happen two years ago, when I discovered I was pregnant.
At the time I was attending the third and last year of the University and I had been in a problematic relationship for a couple of years this boy. Mine was a particular situation right from the beginning, being brought up in a community. In addition I was as mentioned in a highly unstable and toxic relationship and I was pouring all my hopes in my studies through which I wanted to redeem my life and build a better future. In sum, I had clear and defined plans.
When I found out I was pregnant I felt lost; all of a sudden my project were threatened, I was alone trapped in an unhealthy romantic relationship and I had a year left to finish my studies.
I was however aware of that life growing inside me and as time passed I was falling in love   with it. Even at that, I was scared at the situation. I personally had to deal with a troubled childhood and I did not want to inflict that experience onto my son. I knew I did not want to  have an abortion but at the same time I felt as that was the only way out. That was the moment I started to look for help on the internet: I could not accept that such an important choice could be due to a lack of alternatives, due to a “circumstance imposition”. I wanted to be able to choose. Choose to keep the baby and not have an abortion without it implying that I would have to renounce to my life. I needed to know I was not alone.
And just as if God had listened to my prayers, I found Cav in single mother forum. I remember that I called the national toll-free number which redirected me to the Cav center of my city. At first I met a woman with whom I then established a beautiful relationship of trust. Later I was introduced to all the other volunteers.
Choosing to keep my son was a hard felt and a thoughtful decision: I had moment of doubt, fragility and sometimes true anger. However I also had moment full of hope, affection and most importantly I always had this strong feeling of closeness by all the people I had encountered in Cav. Knowing that I was not alone gave me the strength I needed to overcome my fears and take the most happy choice of my life.
I continued my pregnancy and continued my studies as well. I received a huge help from Cav both in material terms and emotionally and I was able to graduate within the deadline, with  maximum marks and honors and keeping my scholarship. I re-established the relation with my family and I am happy to say to say that my son has a father, who loves him deeply and is always present when needed. despite the problems he had with me.
Today I live with my son who is now one, I found a job and I continue my parenthood between happy moments and some other difficult ones (as it should be). It is definitely a new experience, different, unique and surprising which enriched me as nothing has ever done before. And for all of this I must thank this association, without which I wouldn’t have had any of this. Cav gave me the tools to pull out a determination and strength I did not know I had. They helped make me become the best version of me and the gave me the possibility to choose: to choose life even through effort and sweat and because of this I am thanking you. Thank you from all of my heart.

Maria C.

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