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The Life Day 2021 is conceived as a precious opportunity to raise awareness around the value of the authentic freedom, from the perspective of exercising such freedom as a means of serving Life; freedom is indeed not the aim, but the means through which to reach our own  good but other’s good as well, since these two are closely intertwined.[…]

Freedom and life are an inseparable pair. It forms a fruitful and delightful alliance, which God has imprinted in our human spirit in order to allow true happiness. Freedom and Life are linked one to each other by Responsibility.

Responsibility means to go beyond one’s own freedom in order to accommodate other people’s life in the person’s circle. Without responsibility, Freedom and Life are destined to enter in conflict one with the other; however, in this way they will be unable to fully express themselves.

Today, for the Life Day, we adopt as ours the Church’s call to say yes to Life, which is the fulfillment of a type of freedom that could change history. We are reminded that every single man and woman deserve to be born and live. Each human being have from its very conception a potential good and beauty that waits to be expressed and transformed in a concrete action. A unique and unrepeatable potential, that cannot be traded.

Only by considering the individual as the “final aim” we will be able to regenerate the social and economic, political and cultural, anthropological, educational and mediatic horizon. 


Many parishes, groups and families have mobilized to support CAV even in such a difficult time as 2020 has proved to be, and together we have been able to help those mums that approached the Help Center for Life and despite their loneliness, their hardship and suffering we were able to see and collect seeds of hope and love for a new coming life!

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